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The Lady Behind The Lens...


Welcome, I am Clare Gelderd, the lady behind the lens...

Professional photographer with 10 years wedding experience, proud to be a creator of quality artistic visuals, supported by an abundance understanding in all aspects of photography. Cumbrian born and raised, with a willingness to push the boundaries and go the extra mile.  I am a little creative hurricane and like to live without limits!

It is important to me that you have a comprehensive narrative of your wedding, and that the story of the day is told through my pictures. I believe that whilst an image should be an honest and unscripted portrayal of a moment, it should also be thoughtfully composed and visually artistic.


Parthenaise Bull

For me photographs are more than just a visual, they should tell a tale, show power, personality and pureness, allow the viewer to, feel emotions and embrace the artistically captured moment in time. 

I learnt from an early age, life is not all sunshine and flowers, more storms and embracing dancing in the rain!
I believe if you want to acheive something you have to work hard for it, so in everything I do, I give it my absolute all. 

One of my biggest passions in life in agriculture and livestock, I own 2 border collies, and invest a lot of time into farming. Theres something about animals, like people, they all have their own unique personalities. My ability to connect and understand animals has proven adventagous when I work with household pets, livestock and even new born babies! 


I could not live in a more beautiful area form my career and hobbies, THE LAKE DISTRICT, for me the perfect mix of, nature, views, weather conditions, agricultural life and of course people. Whether I am photographing, keeping fit or farming I embrace my surroundings daily, in any weather conditions.
In order keep successfully elolving my business and continue to offer a 5 star streamline, personal service whilst providing unique and visually artist photographs, I invest my personal time into keeping fit.
Life is all about balance, to ensure productivity, professionalism and success!