...See a mini collection of work from throughout 2023, every month, season and pretty much what I see 85% of my life! ...Because all I do is work!

Whether it is the good, bad, sad, ugly, stunning and damn right hilarious, this is a miniature overview as to what you can expect from your wedding gallery. 

Inclusive of vital information which will mean you either love me or hate me, either way we all WIN!
Make an effort to keep scrolling for more photographs and more information.

If you are not looking for a photographer that you feel comfortable with, you ARE doing it wrong.


When we work together, there are things that are non-negotiable (& actually out of my control).

As there are many variables affect the results on a wedding, weather, lighting, backdrop, mood (or mood swings if you are one of them!), colours, energy, people (yes, some aren't worth having at your wedding!). All have a pull on your wedding day and are 100% non-negotiable once the moment has been seized.

In control...

There are things that I can control, my potty mouth being one of them - haha!

My signature style is pretty natural with a sprinkling of warmth, meaning if you are pale ginger like myself you won't look like a ghost - thank me later. Generally I like to 'dull' down greens and blues, they just don't do it for me, then what remains pops with a punch of contrast and mood. My darks are dark, my whites are white. 

When the lighting is right, if the weather is playing perfect, if there is a Northern Lights alert, I will be encouraging you to crack on. 

I will pick and choose...

My ability to read the room is pretty outstanding, so I'll take things in my stride and be effective without causing (too much) mischief. I love working with animals, children and even those wild groomsmen, and don't get me started on a challenging Bridesmaid trying to run the show. I thrive my way through it all!

Of course, I will pick and choose my moments, all to often the children are best left to just be, lads are better being stupid, and that Bridesmaid is easier conned into thinking she is managing the show. 


I keep them to a minimum and I keep them fun and informal. 
No one wants to spend 2 hours rolling through shots of guests stood in a line looking bored stiff and faking a smile. 
Most certainly, there are group shots we must capture, such as, grandparents, parents (both and either side), bridal party, immediate family. Even still, these are relaxed and swift ensuring you all enjoy the day too!


I am f*cking obsessed with details, from your stationary through to the textures of your wedding day. They are a huge part of your day, so is it important I document every little piece.

I will ask you to prepare a little details bag / box so I can get straight down to business on your wedding day! I come well prepared with my very own lovely collection of extra bits too, ribbons, stamps, and bits of stuff many wouldn't think about.

My ideal client...

A question many do ask me, and it is a very important one to answer...

My ideal clients are, outdoorsy, fun, enthusiastic, good sense of humour and uphold good morals. They appreciate quality, value good energy and are team players.
Whilst many of my clients 'hate having photographs taken' there are many that also love having their photograph taken. The thing is, because of my informal style and approach I am very much suited to those who hate being told to pose endlessly. Equally those who love alterative and eye catching photographs are keen to work with me.

My ideal clients actually boast a wide range of wonderful humans, infact it'll probably be easier to tell you what isn't for me.

NOT IDEAL - boring, indoorsy, lazy and miserable Divas - NOT FOR ME!

This is why I ALWAYS conduct an informal pre-booking meeting with all couples, it is vital we make sure we have a good connection and energy.

2023 wedding statistics...

I've nothing to hide so here is some satistics and details...

Example image

40 weddings shot...

I work towards 30 weddings a year, with good reason. I don't want too many. I have effecient turn around times too. 40 was very successful and I enjoyed every single one of them!
I wholeheartedly invest in my clients, the process and I am always committed. Whilst others will shoot many more, I pride myself on my energy, commitment levels, experience and outcome. 

Example image

Average turn around time - 22 days...

Yes, just 1 day over 3 weeks for your completed wedding gallery. 
This is my average, my longest turn around time being just 6 weeks!
...Another reason why I don't take too much work on. 

Example image


2023, saw me investing in my business well over £10K.
A vital element to the success and growth of my business. 

Example image

100% client reviews and thanks...

100% of my clients have thanked me, left me a review or sung my praises to others.
Yes, would you believe it many in the industry aren't recieving any appreciation for their efforts!

Example image

158 Suppliers

A lovely 158 different suppliers I worked with throughout 2023 weddings. 
This is without those I collaborated with for styled shoots and wedding showcases.

Example image

27 Venues / Locations

A collection of 27 beautiful Venues / Locations covered for 2023 weddings, variety is the spice of life. 

A Few Questions

Here are some answers to some questions, some you have not concidered, but others have asked...

• We are wanting to Elope but we don't have a witness, would you be one of our witnesses?

• Yes, of course. It is always an honour to witness someone's special day no matter how intimate it is. 

• I do not charge for doing this. 

• I would like a photo with you both though.


• some elopement style venues (for example @cotehowlakedistrictweddings) would offer to witness your special day if you chose to elope there. So if you are eloping at a venue, check as you can find a second witness from there if needed.

• Do we need to do a pre-wedding portrait shoot ?

• I mean, you'd be pretty boring if you didn't do it 🙄🤣 ...In all seriousness, I include pre-wedding portrait sessions in my Premium & Deluxe packages for good reasons. 

The reasons are:
- we meet in person if we haven't already
- we have a laugh and captured some relaxed moments 
- it is worth it, especially if you are anxious about being in front of the camera
- it is an opportunity to get some photos in a favourite place, in clothes you are comfortable in.

You received a lovely online gallery of your pre-wedding shoot 
Many couples use these images on their day / on other wedding stationery 
I'll happily do any quirky/daft ideas 💡 Paddle boarding / water adventures / crazy costumes / coffee shop / favourite downtime etc

• We would like a sparkler photograph, are you happy to shoot that?

• OMG! ...Yes, yes yes 🙌 
I love sparkler shots, the colours are sssooo my style and energy. 


• sparklers are best shot at dusk, in my opinion

• ensure you buy great quality sparklers

• have plenty of lighting facilities (some venues now even get a blow torch out!)

• ideally shooting sparklers before everyone is pissed is best


• consider doing yout sparker images with just a handful of guests, not everyone needs to be involved to achieve beautiful images

• We see you play rugby, training weekly and playing. Does this affect our booking?

• NO, not at all! Whilst I'm very passionate about rugby, I also put my career and passion for photography first. 

Yes, I try my best to keep training evenings and game days free from flexible shoots, but when it comes to weddings/christenings, etc, they come first.


• Rugby is the only thing I've found that stops me physically working and being attached to my phone / socials. Everyone needs their own downtime. The fitness side of it also pays well for my career, lugging around all that equipment. 


• Don't worry about any rowdy guests, I'm more than happy to take them on 🤣💪

• We see you request food if we have you for the Premium or Deluxe package. Where would you like to sit?

• Unpopular opinion, I LOVE SITTING WITH YOUR GUESTS - ideally a table that is a good laugh and a lot of fun. 

I am part of your day and absolutely take the whole day that way. I appreciate some photographers' requests to sit away and have a break. I find that sitting in with everyone helps break the ice, and of course, I'm ready if any action occurs. 

Please, don't let your venue tell you I have to sit on my own in the bar. There is often space for me. 
• I do request a decent HOT MEAL. 10 or 12 hour wedding days, plus travel with no hot meal are a killer. I need to keep my body fueled up. Feeding me is in my contract for these days.

I don't expect a full 3 course, but I obviously won't say no as I am a pig.

• Will you capture our suppliers, at work / being part of the day?

• Absolutely, I'm there to photograph everything about your special day and your suppliers are a big part of that.

Infact if your lucky, you might even get a picture of me in your gallery 😉🤣

Also remember...
• After your day, its really kind if you share some supplier images with your suppliers, whether it is table set ups, make up application, hair doos or maybe something like this photo. 

Suppliers will love you for it! 

• Any 'formal' shots we do have, can we keep them informal?

• YES! ...Informal, formals - that my jive without a doubt. 

I capture these simply by encouraging everyone to have a laugh and bounce off my banterous personality.

• What is the turnaround time for photography ?

• OK, my contract says around 8 weeks. All too often, I get them turned around in about 4 to 6 weeks. 


If it falls on an extremely busy time, I ALWAYS keep couples up to date if there will be a delay.

ALSO... You will receive a small collection of highlight images soon after your wedding to keep you going. 


A Few more Questions

• What if you have an illness and can't attend our wedding?

• The wedding industry community I am part of is amazing. If (it's never happened in 12 years), I was unwell and couldn't shoot your wedding. I have many awesome associate photographers I could call upon to cover your day. 

This would come at no extra cost to you, and I would still do the editing. 

No refunds at all are given in this situation. 

• I have as part of the amazing photography / wedding industry community, stepped up multiple times to help others who've been unable to attend weddings for whatever reason. 

• We will have a guest who has a DSLR and enjoys taking photos. They are likely to be photographing during our day, is this a problem?

• As per contract, Clare Gelderd Photography is to be the sole professional photographer unless otherwise agreed. 

This being said, I am more than happy for guests to bod around with their cameras, providing they : 
- Keep out of the way (especially during walking down the aisle) - it still happens a lot, unfortunately.
- Don't try and tell me how to do my job, organise people, or batter my head about equipment. 🤣
- Understand and value your ideas on the day, and don't put pressure on you ✨️👌


• As a couple, you are able to inform your guest what you'd like from the day. Don't be afraid if you don't want a guest constantly on their camera to inform them ahead of the day. 

• If there are any awesome shots of me at work, I always love to see them 😉

• We, the groomsmen, are getting ready with 10 mins of where the bride is getting ready. Can we get a couple of shots, too? (bride/bride or groom groom - this is just how the question came to me)

• Sure thing! ... As per contract, providing everyone is available, and I'm let in to capture Groom's prep. I can jump between both. 

• It's important that we communicate effectively to ensure you have the most productive time out of me.

• If some groomsmen aren't there / ready, you will end up with quirky but REAL photos like this one. 


• If you wish to focus on both parties' preparations or parties are getting ready too far apart. We can chat about having a second shooter for you. This is an additional cost.



• Be yourselves, I like to capture real photographs 

• We are hoping to bring our dog / dogs to our wedding, are you ok with dogs?

• 'Am I OK with dogs?!' ... 🤣

I flipping love dogs! ... Having 2 border collies myself at the moment and previously working closely training working collies too. 

Not to mention the fact I've had 2 litters of perfect puppies - I mean dogs have, obviously. 

• Be aware you may end up with many more dog pics than you anticipated. 

That's what you want though, right? 

• Check your venue is good for dogs attending or if they have any rules in place. 
• If you feel your dog maybe a handful, consider a doggy daycare / chaperone. 

• We are looking for a videographer: 1. Are you happy to work with anyone? 2. Can you recommend any that you've previously worked with?

• Yes, I will work with a videographer. It is often really helpful beforehand you tell me who it is so I can liaise with them ahead of your day. 

For me, if a filmmaker and photographer have a similar approach, it'll be a success. 

A few i vibe with are

CW Film Productions
WN Films
Damian Kelly Films
Farrow Films
Matt Williamson Media

• We would like to go on an adventure on our wedding, away from our guests. Are you happy to do this?

• Oh, certainly, I love an adventure! 

Here are a few top tips worth considering, though: 
1. Make sure you allow ample time to explore / adventure, which won't interfere with the venues/caterers timings. It is important that we all work together. 
2. Bring suitable footwear.
3. Arrange suitable transport if required. 
4. Give me a heads up of where we are going or if I'm making the adventure plan. 
5. Lets get the 'formal' smart shots before the adventure.
6. Expect to get your dress a bit mucky!

ALSO, most couple absolutely LOVE their couple portrait time with me. It is a moment to breathe and chill out away from your guests. 


Think we will have a blast together?

Please contact me with details of your wedding day - date, venue, the theme or vibe for the day.
It is important you also leave a contact number in your message for me.
Then, I can get the wheels in motion for your FREE wedding consultation. 
I get back to ALL messages within 3 working days, often sooner. Please keep an eye on your 'junk' / 'spam' folder as my responses can sometimes end up there.

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INFORMAL 2023 wedding statistics...

Because I'm here for the banter and real vibes as much as everything else...

Example image

1 Groomsmans number gained...

Look, he was single, fun, attractive and my kinda human. 
I actually left him a lovely hand written note with my number on, and he messaged - old romantic me. 

Example image

46 drinks bought for me...

Yeah, most weddings I enjoy and odd drink with you all, sometimes I enjoy a few. I'm always thankful when Im well looked after. 

Example image

3 changes of clothes made...

I always pack changes of clothing, because I can fall over, split my pants, land in rivers/Lakes. 
Always prepared.

Example image

1 Northern Lights captured...

A whopping -6, in Scotland I gentally encouraged a couple to come outside so I could attempt to capture them with the Northern Lights above. It was a success. 

Example image

2 failings of equiptment...

Yes, equiptment fails, luckily I am always prepared with back up equiptment and can go though the day as if I'm not £1000's down. 

Example image

34 dancing evenings...

34 weddings allowed me to boogie my way around the dance floor and let off some steam before heading home. I'm here for the party!